Our weekly meetings take place every Tuesday evening, even during school holidays, in the lively Hospital Activity Centre. Prior to the meeting, our dedicated leaders arrive early to ensure everything is set up just right. They diligently prepare the space, arrange the room, hoist our flag, and organize the equipment for the evening, ensuring a seamless experience for all. To create a focused environment, any distracting toys are safely tucked away.

Before gathering everyone together, our leaders embark on a special mission to visit the wards. They eagerly seek out children who can join in the evening’s activities, while a thrilling opening game engages those already present. From bowling to giant pick-up sticks, the excitement builds until all the leaders return, accompanied by children bursting with enthusiasm. We warmly welcome children aged 5 and above, as well as siblings, who are able to leave their wards.

Upon arrival, each child is bestowed with a meaningful gesture. They are given one of our distinctive scarves, symbolizing their membership in the Group for the evening. As we gather together, we begin our meeting facing the Union flag. Everyone is taught to stand “At Ease” and “At The Alert,” and they learn how to salute the flag. The flag serves as a powerful symbol of unity and shared purpose.

Our activities revolve around engaging Guiding and Scouting themes, offering a diverse range of projects. From crafts and games to map and compass work, cooking, and camp skills, there’s always something exciting to explore. Children have the opportunity to work towards earning Brownie, Guide, Cub, and Scout badges, fostering personal growth and accomplishment.

In addition to our meetings, we also venture out on exciting outings. These special trips provide an opportunity for our members to experience new adventures and create lasting memories together.

As our meeting draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on the meaningful experiences we’ve shared. The scarves are gently collected, serving as cherished mementos of our time together. The children are then safely accompanied back to their wards by our caring leaders.

Due to the unique nature of our Group, children typically attend one or two meetings during their stay. However, for our long-term patients seeking further involvement in Scouting and Guiding, we extend a special invitation. We encourage them to take their promise and become official members of our Group, forging an enduring connection with our community.

Our Group stands apart from mainstream groups in several remarkable ways:

  • We embrace a wide age range, welcoming children aged between six and eighteen.
  • The attendance for each meeting is unpredictable, as it fluctuates from four or five children one week to twenty-five the next. Our busiest gatherings often occur during school holidays when our young members have more availability to join us.

Come and join us for a night filled with adventure and camaraderie. Whether you’re a Beaver, Rainbow, Cub, Brownie, Scout, or Guide, the 17th Holborn Scout and Guide Group is waiting to welcome you to our vibrant community! To find out more, check out the rest of our website and discover the endless possibilities that await.