Welcome to 17th Holborn Scout and Guides ‘Badger’ Badge Challenge

To complete the challenge and be awarded the challenge badge you will need to complete some fun activities which we have split into 3 parts.

These parts are all based around the values of our friend and leader Brian Gyngell, who was a volunteer at 17th Holborn Scouts and Guides for decades and who sadly we lost in 2020.

The image of the badger in the badge represents Brian’s favourite hobby – badge collecting. He was a ‘badger’, and when you’ve completed the challenge, you will be too!

Part 1 – Local History

Complete any two of the following activities

How well do you know the area you live in? Let’s see…
Find somewhere that was built or an organistation/business that started in 1957 (the year our unit at GOSH was founded).
Find out the date that your local Guides or Scouts unit was formed.
Find out about someone famous born in 1936 (like Brian), from your local area or the part of the country you live in.
Find out what year your school was built. I wonder how old it will be!

Part 2 – Families

Make a photo album or scrapbook of your family

This could be your Guides or Scouts family, your best friends, those who care for you, or any special people in your life. Its completely up to you!
You can choose to use photographs, or to collage pictures from magazines or newspapers that remind you of what these people mean to you.

Part 3 – Hospital Units

Where is your nearest hospital Guides or
Scouts unit? Can you find out?

Try Googling to see where it might be and then see what you can tell your leader about it. You can of course ask an adult to help you!

Part 4 – Optional Challenges

These additional challenges can be completed by older unit members

Guides & Scouts – Find the nearest place to where you live where you can visit badgers. Maybe your leader could arrange a visit?
Rangers & Explorers – Capture an image of a badger with your camera, (under 18’s with adult supervision). Or, find out the best diet for a badger and how long its lifespan is.

Once you’ve finished all of this you will have completed the challenge. Well done from all of us at 17th Holborn Scouts and Guides! You can now be awarded Brian’s ‘Badger’ Badge.

Thank you for supporting our challenge to remember Brian. If you would like to find out more about how you can raise funds for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and the incredible work it does to make children well, then you can take a look here… https://www.gosh.org/